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Interview vidéo : la publicité sur le mobile est promise à un bel avenir selon le PDG de Triggit

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Retour sur la croissance de la publicité sur mobile aux USA lors d’une interview du CEO de Triggit sur Bloomberg.



Verbatim (en anglais)


They are pretty big.

It is awesome.

You look at advertising online.

We have a long way to go.

It is not surprising.

Is this then catching up?

We are totally catching up.

Mobile advertising has not been as big as it should be.

It is catching up.

They are making it work well as we have seen with facebook and twitter.

What does this mean for a company like interest — pinter est?

We have been running advertising for pinterest in the past year and a half.

The majority of the traffic comes from mobile.

This will be huge for them.

Have you seen any of the new ads yet?

What do you think?

I have.

I like them so far.

They are subtle.

They do a good job of blending in.

They are not disruptive of the user experience.

I’m sure we will see more as they rolled about.

So far, so good.

Any company like pinterest wants to rolled these things out carefully.

What should they do to make this work and not alienate users?

The great thing is that ben has an amazing team.

They have done this before.

They did this with facebook and google.

It is about being careful and slow.

See what works and what doesn’t. have relevant and useful ads to the user that the user gets value out of.

2013-10-11_090743Is talk about that.

Advertisers are spending more on mobile.

How good are the ads?

Are they working?

They are absolutely working.

Advertisers are very happy about what is going on.

What do they like?

That users are clicking on the ads and buying their products and coming back again and again.

It is a valuable engagement.

It works well.

Do you see the web suffering?

They are taking the ad dollars?

They were not able to make mobile work before as well as they wanted to.

Now we are giving them the tools to do that.

They can spend more.

Tv is the place that has worked well for a long time.

He want to do just as well on the web and on mobile.

It is a big deal.

What does this mean for pinterest?

At this stage in the game.

It is a great time for them.

We have seen the past year and a half where entire budget would be shifted over to spend on pintersest because the conversions are so high.

People are taking money away from tv and other traditional advertising outlets and moving it toward social.

Gives me an example.

Any mention a particular client where they moved a lot of dollars and it worked?

I do not want to comment on a specific budget we have seen.

But we have seen it pretty significant number of household names.

They have moved money from tv and other traditional areas onto pinterest.

It is highly converting.

Mobile has played a huge part in that.

Twitter is going to go public.

Will that change the dynamic?

Twitter is starting to unfold their wings and show what they can do.

You will see them take a larger share of the budget.

They will integrate it and roll it out.

They will do powerful things.

This is a dynamic industry.

It is like a dance floor.

It is a constant process of movement.

Do see the hierarchy — do you see the hierarchy changing of google and facebook and twitter?


Think of microsoft.

We thought it was the evil empire that could not be stopped.

Now people think of microsoft as a weak competitor.

Who comes out on top?

Remains to be seen.

Depends on who dances the best.

It is a big fight right now.

It is interesting.

Thank you to you both

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