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Vous ciblez sur Facebook quand vous regardez la TV ? Yes we can.

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2013-10-24_164715Dans une interview à la chaine américaine de télévision Bloomberg TV, le fondateur d’Optimal, Rob Leathern explique comment est-il possible de recibler un internaute qui regarde la télévision lorsque ce dernier est aussi sur Facebook.

La vidéo de l’interview sur Bloomberg TV est ci-dessous.



2013-10-24_164615Résumé de l’interview en anglais :


It sounds like don draper’s dream.

[laughter] how does it work?

We work with a partner.

What they can do is know when a specific ad is playing in real time.

We connect it to facebook.

We immediately can purchase an ad on facebook newsfeed as a result of that.

Effort kaiser can decide — the advertiser can decide what kind of at it will be.

What is interesting is that advertisers often do not know what precisely their ads will play.

They may know when it is around a certain show.

We can identify that had immediately.

How do you know viewers are on facebook?

That is a point.

It does not matter if they are not there.

His data tell you?

— does data tell you?

There are enough users on facebook.

The data is there.

You are synchronizing things in time and creating a wrapper around session around the user.

They are watching tv and may not be paying attention and may divert their attention and they are on facebook and that is there as well.

Why facebook and not twitter?

We are a partner with twitter as well.

I think this kind of technology we can also apply to twitter, but we have a working with facebook for over two years.

It is more robust today.

Twitter is catching up quickly.

We see the same technology that can be a plate to — apply to twitter and facebook.

Twitter’s ad system is very real time as well.

And facebook, we are using the facebook exchange.

You can turn ads on and off in real time.

Twitter has a lot of capabilities.

It is something we will extend in a few months.

Twitter is doing real tv stuff based on data.

They are seeing people tweeting and talking about tv shows.

People talk about ads less frequently than they talk about tv shows.

If you trigger the at at the right time, you can get a lot of benefit versus waiting until someone will talk about an ad.

We do not see people talk about ads quite much unless it is for the super bowl.

Did you do research on how many users are on twitter will watching tv versus facebook?

We do not have specific numbers on that.

Facebook has talked about numbers in the tens of millions during prime time.

What we have seen in that data from this campaign is 50% click through rate for the same ads on tv.

We saw a 35% list for competitive ads.

It would trigger the facebook ad.


How do you see this evolving?

We think advertisers will want to trigger ads.

They want to do that on facebook and twitter.

They will take in affect — into consideration other things happening.

We are in san francisco.

This morning it was foggy.

Later it was sunny.

We see it being the case that advertisers will want to be real-time and want to bring multiple data sources into play and do this efficiently.


More targeted than ever.

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