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Appnexus temporise sur son IPO et mise sur une position de leader sur le mobile dès 2014

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2013-09-30_085838Dans une interview à Bloomberg TV, le CEO d’Appnexus, Brian O’Kelley revient sur le partenariat conclu avec l’ad-network mobile Millennial Media. Il estime qu’Appnexus deviendra leader dans le mobile dès l’an prochain et surtout temporise sur une possible introduction en bourse.

The next generation of digital advertising is here, and so is the cofounder and ceo of app nexus.

He is getting in total $100 billion, or one dollar in every five dollars spent.

Thank you for coming in.

You announced last year that you are partnering with a mobile only company.

Why gecko mobile is growing fast, but it is still small from an advertising perspective yes, it is a small part, but he will are using it more and more — people are using mobile more and more for their content.

It is inevitable.

We are building the next platform for technology for traditional pc display advertising, and now we are standing next few years following that trend.

You mentioned the technology, because that is your secret spot . how are you developing better and faster technology gecko as you are.

— faster technology?

Because you are.

We have almost 600 employees worldwide.

It is having a lot of innovative people who spend time talking to customers and thinking about what is next.

Beyond that, we have some of the best customers and partners in the world, companies like microsoft, netflix, wpp.

appnexus-is-now-up-to-550-employees-and-still-hiringWhat do they want from you?

We service about 20 billion everyday.

We want to make it where advertising on any device is as seamless as traditional media.

We are looking at how to cross the divide between what has been a very manual, hand sold fax machine business into a world where technology enables every single ad that is served on the intern net.

Is that possible?

Of course.

I should reference that you did $75 million in fund raising in january.

What are you doing with that money toward your goal that you just mentioned?

A relatively small share of the overall spend was not the most lucrative way to spend our time this year.

But in two years it will look like an extraordinary and that we have made.

— an extraordinary that we have made.

It is about where you will be and not where it is now.

That is right.

If you think about football, think of the receiver.

I prefer hockey.

All right.

We have also just opened up in australia and singapore.

A lot of that money is for core infrastructure, the technology, the scale, the systems necessary to build a truly great technology companies here in new york city.

The last time i was in a taxi, i saw your face on this « made in new york » campaign.

Obviously, you have been singled out as a company that the city wants to highlight.

2013-09-30_090526What do you make of what you see here as far as the tech ecosystem?

10 years ago, this was a desert.

It was almost impossible to raise money or build a company.

Now we have a huge number of people investing in startups.

We have a series of great startups who have grown.

This is the largest technology startup here in new york city.

This is an amazing environment.

The city has done an amazing thing to help startups get going.

We will see a number of companies go public from new york.

Your name is on that list, as you must know.

scott-butterworth-is-a-ui-engineer-he-was-visiting-from-the-companys-portland-office-hes-been-with-appnexus-for-about-a-monthThe quoting new york have you on the top 25 — the « new york times » had you on the top 25. what do you think of that is in the next year or two?

Going public is easy.

We have seen a number of companies get out in the market, but we realized the investment we are making in mobile, asia- pacific, and turning the technology world into a relationship driven market, you cannot measure that on a quarterly basis.

If you said to me, when will you be completely established as a leader in mobile, i would say, probably next year sometime.

I don’t think that is what investors would want to hear.

That is why we started raising money in january to allow us to stay private and keep investing in the business and build up to a scale where we do have the ability to make a public market.


L’interview en vidéo

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